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Introduction Short Stories to: “The Mysterious World of Xiao Zhu zhu”
Short Story # 1: “My Friend Kiki”
(Click on the green and grey buttons below to listen to the story.)

Hello! My name is Xiao Zhu zhu. I am 9 years old. I have a very good friend! Her name is Kiki. She is 8 years old. She lives in the same building as me.

Building, building, building!

I live on the 9th floor. She lives on the seventh floor. Our building has 10 floors. You can listen and say! 1 First floor 2 Second floor 3 Third floor 4 Fourth floor 5 Fifth floor 6 Sixth floor 7 Seventh floor This is the floor where Kiki lives! 8 Eighth floor 9 Ninth floor This is the floor where I live! 10 Tenth floor

Kiki has a football!

Football, football, football!

We play in Willow Park all the time! It is fun to play there! Willow Park is right beside our building! Most of the time Kiki comes to my home and we look at pictures in books.

We look and we look and we look!

I have lots of books and lots of pictures too! So many pictures! They are so interesting! Most of my books are about bugs!

Bugs, bugs, bugs!


Kiki likes bugs too! We look at bugs all the time! We go to the park a lot and we look for bugs there too! There are many bugs near the pond in Willow Park

Kiki likes butterflies the most! She says they are so beautiful!

They have beautiful wings! I like beetle bugs the most! They are my favourite bug! Do you like butterflies?


Beetles Kiki and I walk to school a lot together too! Mr. Pan is my English teacher. Mr. Pan is her English teacher too! Kiki is in grade two and I am in grade three.

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